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About Bucky Henson

Hello, and thanks for visiting My name is Bucky Henson.  I am Qualifying/Responsible Broker and President of NatVest LLC. Among other things, I've worked with natural investment properties (timberland, farms & other real estate) for about 30 years. is my blog directly intended to present the idea of landownership to people who haven't previously considered land as an investment option and as a way of life.  It is both. We hope to present a wide array of perspectives of land ownership and stewardship that will, hopefully, spark interest and interaction about the topic. We welcome you and, more so, welcome your input and participation in the discussion. I can be reached at or on my cell:  334-412-2487. And, by the way, I am now taking listings for properties for sale in Alabama and Georgia, so please give me a call, if I can help you. Finally, I also handle timber sales, buy standing timber and help people evaluate their options on timber sales.  So call or write if I can help with any of your timber sales needs.
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